Divorce Coach and Child Specialist
Dr. Norman Henrik Christiansen
175 Main Street
Easthampton, MA  01027
413-822-3221 or 413-527-8308

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What The Child Specialist Does...

The choices and methods depend upon the age and needs of the child:

  • Conducts interviews with the parents (what are their concerns?)
  • Interviews the child/children alone (what are their needs and wants?)
  • May interview the child with siblings
  • Gives psychological inventories (BASC)
  • Offers support and comfort to the child during a stressful time
  • Provides a safe place for the child to tell his/her story about what is happening in the family
  • Allows opportunities for the child to ask questions about family changes
  • Provides relief for the child by bringing to the parents' attention problems,worries, and fears and hopes that may have gone undetected or unexpressed
  • Helps the child identify personal strengths

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